About us

the re.ocean fund has been set up to support innovations rising to these challenges


the Foundation’s wider mission to bring humanity together to empower impactful solutions for our planet's biodiversity, climate, ocean  and water resources.


on the Foundation’s track record of successful ocean initiatives, including the Ocean Innovators Platform


new partners and finance, particularly in the private sector, for ocean and planetary health

the reocean fund will play a critical role in the ocean ecosystem


  • Global to maximise access to high impact pipeline
  • Where relevant, the fund will seek out opportunities to deploy or showcase solutions in and around Monaco


  • Focus on Series A (+ follow on) - where the fund has greatest potential to add value
  • Small pocket for late seed – for promising early pipeline opportunities

More capital is urgently needed for investment in ocean impact

Global non-profit organisation committed to progressing Planetary Health for present and future generations

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation will co-manage and advise the fund, bringing:

  • Extensive technical and scientific expertise
  • World class ocean networks to support pipeline origination
  • Strong focus on impact creation

Independent wealth manager, with 20+ years experience serving private and institutional clients

MAM will manage the fund, bringing:

  • Deep investment track record
  • Experience with impact funds
  • Strong focus on value creation