Vision & Purpose

There are very few tasks as vast, complex, overwhelming and yet as urgent as the one we are dealing with here :
to save the Ocean.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

The ocean provides critical ecosystem services indispensable to life on earth…

  • Economic contribution
    $1.5 trillion direct contribution to the global economy
  • Material contribution
    3.2b people rely on food from the sea as a source of protein and key nutrients
  • Regulating the environment
    93% of heat from anthropogenic GHG emissions has been absorbed by the ocean
  • Health & wellbeing
    Coral reefs offer new medicines for cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease


It also offers a regenerative solution to many of the crises we face today…

  • Food insecurity
    The ocean could meet 2/3 of world's protein needs by 2050
  • Climate emergency
    The ocean has the potential to close 20% of the emissions gap to keep 1.5C alive
  • Regulating the environment
    93% of heat from anthropogenic GHG emissions has been absorbed by the ocean
  • Biodiversity crisis
    Coral reefs cover just 0.2% of the ocean floor, but support 25% of marine life


But the ocean and its vital contributions are in peril

  • Pollution
    9 - 14m T of plastic flow annually to the ocean
  • Overexploitation
    More than 1/3 of stocks are overfished
  • Habitat destruction
    ~50% of mangroves and ~30% of wetlands and sea grasses have been degraded or lost
  • Climate change
    At 2C of warming, 99% of coral reefs could be lost


Vision statement

We aim to catalyse the next generation of ocean innovations to support the transition towards a net-zero, regenerative, and more equitable economy


We will invest €100m in high impact, innovative companies that:

  • Reduce key sources of pollution in the ocean
  • Transform the way we produce blue food and travel across the ocean
  • Protect marine ecosystems and the critical services they provide
  • Inform and equip ocean stakeholders with robust & transparent data

Capital mobilizing for the ocean

Rising political momentum

Including 30x30 pledges, and the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution

Shifting consumer dynamics creating new profit pools

1 in 5 UK shoppers changed how they buy seafood in 2020 due to concerns ocean health concerns

Capital mobilizing for the ocean

$1+bn raised by early stage ocean funds -7x in 5 years

Flourishing pipeline of ocean innovators

2000 ocean start ups in 2021 - a 2x increase vs. 2019

Double-digit growth in high impact sectors

Ocean data, protection, substitutes to seafood and others growing at 10%+ p.a.