A Scientific and Quantitative Approach

Our approach to impact measurement is robust and firmly grounded in science-based and sector best-practice frameworks. We understand that in order to drive meaningful change, we must rely on rigorous scientific foundations. This is why our impact measurement frameworks draw upon the latest scientific research and industry expertise to ensure that we are making a real difference.  

To track the impact of our investments, we prioritize specific impact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are tailored to each sector we operate in. These KPIs are not only tracked at the investee level but are also aggregated at the portfolio level. This holistic approach allows us to assess the collective impact of our investments on a broader scale.  

Furthermore, our impact assessment process goes beyond standard metrics. We evaluate secondary business-specific KPIs that are aligned with each individual investee's theory of change. This ensures that our approach is flexible and adaptable to the unique goals and objectives of each investee.   We are committed to continuous improvement, and our metrics will evolve and refine over time through an iterative process of continuous learning. This commitment to scientific rigor and adaptability is at the core of our impact measurement strategy.

  Veto from the Impact Committee

Our dedication to impact extends to our investment decision-making process. Impact is not treated as a mere supplement; it is an integral part of our investment strategy. In fact, the development of the impact thesis is the very first step of our due diligence process. It guides us throughout the rest of the investment process, ensuring that impact considerations are at the forefront.  

To reinforce our commitment, the Impact Committee holds a veto right. This means that the Impact Committee has the authority to unilaterally reject or approve targeted investees based on their alignment with our impact goals. This ensures that our investments remain in line with our mission and values.

  A Deep Expertise

Our commitment to impactful investing is bolstered by the deep expertise of our team and collaborators. The fund leverages the knowledge and insights of the Foundation's scientific team, who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Their scientific rigor and dedication to the mission are invaluable in guiding our investment decisions.  

In addition to our internal team, ReOcean Fund has established comprehensive Advisory and Impact Committees comprising scientists, marine biologists, as well as impact and financial experts. This diverse group of experts provides critical insights and guidance, ensuring that our investments are not only impactful but also well-informed.  

Furthermore, we have forged partnerships with a wide-ranging ecosystem of strategic partners, including impact venture institutions, innovation platforms, and non-profit ocean-focused foundations. These partnerships broaden our reach and allow us to tap into a wealth of knowledge and resources to drive positive change in the sectors we invest in.

Best in Class Methodologies

Our commitment to being a leader in impact investing is reflected in our methodologies. We aim to achieve Article 9 classification under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). This demonstrates our dedication to aligning with the highest standards of sustainability and impact.  

To ensure harmonization, we integrate our impact measurement approach with KPIs in the Ocean Impact Navigator. This dedicated framework, led by the 1000 Ocean Startups Coalition, is designed specifically for ocean innovators and their investors. By aligning our efforts with this initiative, we contribute to a coordinated and impactful approach to ocean conservation.  

At the core of our approach is the rigorous evaluation of companies both before and after investment. We ensure that impact is central to our investment decisions and value creation. Our multi-dimensional Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) approach goes beyond SDG 14 (Life Below Water) to encompass wider critical ecological and social outcomes, reflecting our commitment to holistic impact.  

We are committed to transparency in our impact efforts. Rigorous monitoring and reporting by external partners assure the validity of our impact claims, demonstrating our accountability to our stakeholders and the broader community.