The fund will invest in 5 sectors that collectively unlock the regenerative potential of the Ocean


Solutions to
plastic pollution

  • ~$600bn global plastic market in 2021
  • More than 50%of ocean plastic leakage could be solved through re-use and new delivery models, alternative materials, and recycling technologies
  • Reuse and new delivery business models
  • Alternative sustainable materials
  • Recycling technologies
  • Waste data and tracking
  • Waste capture in waterways


Healthy, regenerative and equitable
blue food

  • ~$550bn global market for fisheries and aquaculture in 2021
  • Fast growing sub-sectors, including aquaculture with 5% YoYgrowth, and plant-based seafood alternatives at 30%
  • Sustainable fisheries – incl. fishing gear; waste mgmt.; monitoring & supply chain traceability
  • Sustainable aquaculture – incl. sustainable feed; farm location, techniques & mgmt; waste reduction; seaweed and low-trophic aquaculture
  • Plant and cell-based substitutes to seafood



  • $1.4 tr est. investment needed from 2030–50 to halve shipping CO2 emissions i.e. $50b – $70b annually for 20 years
  • Maritime trade volumes are set to grow 3x by 2050
  • Alternative fuels
  • Electric vessels (low and zero emissions)
  • Automation and digitalization
  • Renewable emissions add-ons
  • GHG emission add-ons
  • Solutions to noise pollution


Restoration and protection

  • ~$40bn annual investment need to protect & restore marine ecosystems in line with climate & biodiversity targets
  • 12% YoY increase in global biodiversity expenditure (marine & terrestrial) from 2012 – 2020
  • Restoration technologies
  • Nature-based infrastructure
  • Marine protected areas


Ocean data

  • ~$7bn market for ocean observation, measurement and forecasting companies in the US alone in 2018
  • 13%expected YoY growth in maritime big data market
  • IoT and big data
  • Satellite technologies
  • Drones